Provisional School Calendar 2017/2018

September 1st
Teacher Training Day
Uniform Sale

September 4th
Teacher Training Day
Uniform Sale

September 5th
Term Starts

September 12th, 13th and 14th
Parents' Induction Meetings

HOLIDAY - October 12th - Dia de la Hispanidad

October 27th
Halloween Celebration

HOLIDAY - November 1st - Todos los Santos

HOLIDAY - November 9th - La Almudena

HOLIDAYS - December 6th, 7th and 8th - La Constitución & La Inmaculada

December 14th
Parents' Evening

December 19th
Christmas Show

December 21st
Term Ends at 1 pm 

December 22nd
Teacher Training Day

January 8th
Term Starts

February 14th
St. Valentine's Celebration

HOLIDAY - March 19th - San Jose

April 7th

March 23rd - Term Ends

April 2nd
Teacher Training Day

April 3rd
Term Begins

HOLIDAY - May 1st - Labour Day

HOLIDAY - May 2nd - Dia de la Comunidad de Madrid

HOLIDAY - May 15th - San Isidro

June 14th
Parents' Evening

June 16th
Summer Fair

June 20th
Summer Show for Parents

June 27th
Term Ends at 1pm

July 2nd
Summer Camp Begins

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