The school is divided into classes according to age. Each group has a teacher and a teaching assistant.

Our aim is to have small groups in order to be able to give focused and personalised attention.

From Nursery onwards we have specialised teachers in Spanish, French, Music, Information Technology and Physical Education.

Each classroom is large and airy with beautiful sunlight and fresh air. There is a large gym used for exercise and motor skill development.  We also have access to a nearby playground for athletics and sports training. 

We have a lovely garden with outdoor playing facilities, a sand pit and water play. It also has a small vegetable garden so children can experience nature first-hand.

The school has a kitchen and dining area for the children. We will be using specialised caterers to provide healthy and balanced food. We can provide special meals for those who have restrictions due to allergies, medical conditions or religious considerations.

We also provide transport services locally in a small mini-van/bus with baby seats for total safety.


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